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105 Winamp path error when playing a song General 3588
15 WinAMP not found error message General 1719
109 Winamp Closing Down General 209
4 we are not getting any replies to the email we send to you General 1540
104 My lyrics screen has disappeared General 4177
108 Lyrics screens never saves its position General 273
28 KeyChange Does Not Work General 2217
110 Import in Show Presenter Pro General 366
3 I have purchased the software but not received an email or registration key General 2285
103 I have been told you have a non winamp version of your software, where can I get it General 2838
29 I get music playing but no lyrics show General 5290
2 I get an error 142 on opening Show Presenter General 2663
102 I am getting an error message 'Please send the SPError.log' but I cannot find the file. General 2416
27 How Do I Install Show Presenter General 4368
111 Export to Karaoke SongBook App General 130

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